Immersions and Electives​

Design your training to serve your interests and Dharma so you can develop authenticity as a practitioner and teacher. Fill your cup as you dive into what you love and teach from the heart. 

Our Immersions and Electives

Craft your education and future as a teacher by designing your own curriculum. Choose between the immersions and electives below. 

50 Hour Immersions

We recommend taking at least 2 immersions so you can dive deep into a topic of interest. To complete your 300 hour yoga teacher training you must accumulate 300 hours of electives and immersions. 

Electives are available to both our graduates and individuals who wish to further their education. Additionally, each course is eligible for Continuing Education (CE) through Yoga Alliance, allowing you to earn credits for furthering your yoga training. 

Looking for a place to stay?

Housing Options Available

If you are interested in finding convenient accommodations during your workshop or training, you can qualify for discounted rates for your stay here:

Get Your Questions Answered!

If you have questions about yoga teacher training, please reach out to our Yoga Training Ambassador!