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What we do and why?

The Asheville Yoga Center is a community center dedicated to offering all styles of hatha yoga* to the public. Our wide-range of classes will serve complete beginners and advanced yogis alike. We have beginner classes for those in rehabilitation or those who have been away from their yoga practice for a while and need some inspiration along with offering the finest yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings.

It is the mission of Asheville Yoga Center to provide the highest education of Yoga. All of our teachers teach with compassion and acceptance. Love is the aim of Yoga, and we at the Asheville Yoga Center strive to walk in that Love at all times.

*Hatha Yoga is the balance of body, mind and breath and combines poses with the breath (asana and pranayama). All bodies, in all their diversity, can do yoga and reap the benefits: better posture, more overall comfort in the body, more flexibility, more strength, better breathing, better concentration, and an improved sense of peacefulness.

Sustainable and Green Yoga Center

The solar-powered, environmentally sustainable campus is one of the few in the country that was designed specifically for yoga from inception. Both buildings (each with two large yoga rooms) sit on a lushly landscaped campus of edible, aromatic, and native trees and plants, with the two buildings connected by a walkway. Bamboo floors and plenty of windows with southern exposure make for lovely spaces to experience our celebrated teacher trainings, classes, and workshops.

While designing the buildings, we considered both our environmental impact and the needs of a yoga studio. They are oriented on an East/West axis so there is plenty of natural light and a passive solar advantage is achieved. Day lighting is used throughout to reduce the need for electric lights and we placed the windows high in the yoga rooms so there would be plenty of room for working at the wall.

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