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Asheville Yoga Center has been helping to transform lives through yoga since 1997. Our custom-built, green yoga studio hosts over 100 classes per week, and our spacious yoga campus includes a Training Facility and Boutique. Download our press kit, and check out the latest news from AYC here!

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Yoga and Spa Magazine Recognizes Asheville Yoga Center

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Shape Up for Spring Spring is just around the corner which means it's time to refresh, rejuvenate and get back to feeling your best! Shake off those winter blues and spring forward into a new season of endless opportunity. When we think of…
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Yoga and Spa Magazine Features Asheville Yoga Center

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The Benefits of Yoga in the Winter Season Even for the most devoted yogi, the winter months can be a drag when it comes to getting motivated to hit the mat. We get it - cold, dark, lonely - who wouldn't want to stay curled up at home? But consistently…
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March Charity of the Month: Pisgah Legal Services

Asheville Yoga Center Raises Donations for Pisgah Legal Services All Month 10% of Drop-In and Community Class Sales on Thursday, March 28 Donated Asheville Yoga Center prepares for a full month of fundraising for Pisgah Legal Services as…
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February Charity of the Month: Asheville on Bikes

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Asheville Yoga Center Supports Asheville on Bikes with February Fundraiser Asheville Yoga Center is rolling forward with its Charity of the Month project in February. The center will be raising funds for Asheville on Bikes for the second consecutive…
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AYC December Charity of the Month: Eblen Charities

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Wrapping Up 2018's Charity of the Month Project Donation Boxes Available at the Studio and Boutique Asheville Yoga Center is raising funds for Eblen Charities throughout December to finalize its 2018 Charity of the Month project. Founded in…
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AYC November Charity of the Month: MANNA FoodBank

Asheville Yoga Center Asks Community to Help Support MANNA Donations accepted at the Studio and Boutique  Asheville Yoga Center dedicates the month of November to raising food items and funds for MANNA FoodBank. Since 1983, MANNA FoodBank…

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Beloved AYC Students and Community, We want to start this letter by expressing our immense gratitude to you, our loyal clients and supportive yoga community.  This year has brought all kinds of change and uncertainty into all of our lives, and we continue to remain in awe of your support and patience as we navigate […]

Capital at Play Features Yoga in the Park Summer Series Just as yogis lengthen their limbs—arms, legs, fingers, and toes—with an intentional groan of muscles, so is the yoga industry expanding to accommodate more practitioners, products, concepts, and classes. As of 2018, some 36 million Americans practice yoga; between 2012 and 2016 alone, the number […]