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What are the Chakras?

What are the Chakras? In a nutshell, the Chakras are the seven areas in which energy flows through our bodies. They are located along the centerline of our anatomical structure, and each plays a unique role in keeping our lives balanced. The Sanskrit word “Chakra” translates to mean “wheel,” which provides an accurate visual of […]


What is the Draw-In Maneuver?

The Draw-In Maneuver By AYC Instructor Forrest Campbell In any given yoga class you may have heard the phrase, “draw the belly in toward the spine,” or at least something similar. This fundamental and common cue has been used by many yoga and fitness professionals across the board to communicate something that has great value […]


AYC Charity of the Month: Brother Wolf

Asheville Yoga Center Raises Funds & Hosts Adoption Day for Dogs, Cats, & Critters in Despair Asheville Yoga Center selects Brother Wolf Animal Rescue as July 2018 Charity of the Month Asheville Yoga Center has chosen Brother Wolf Animal Rescue as its July Charity of the Month. Brother Wolf works with volunteers in the community […]

Mountain Xpress Features Yoga in the Park

Asheville Yoga Center returns with 6th annual Yoga in the Park From Mountain Xpress Asheville Yoga Center invites the community to take their yoga practice outdoors in the heart of beautiful downtown Asheville. The 6th annual Yoga in the Park series kicks off on June 2 with an outdoor yoga class in Pack Square Park, […]


Charity of the Month: Asheville GreenWorks

GreenWork Makes the Dream Work To help keep Asheville’s natural lands and waterways free from trash, Asheville Yoga Center is raising funds for Asheville GreenWorks as its Charity of the Month for June 2018. All month long, AYC will have donation boxes stationed at the AYC Studio and Boutique for guests to directly contribute funds, […]


What is Kaiut Yoga?

What is Kaiut Yoga? By AYC Instructor Tucker Shelton The yoga of the ancients was designed to work with bodies that lived and grew very differently from how our modern bodies live and grow. Dwelling in caves, squatting constantly, the ancients did not spend any time in chairs. In today’s Western society we have a […]


What are the Yoga Sutras?

What are the Yoga Sutras? Decoding the ancient wisdom of Patanjali If you’re new to yoga, then you may not yet be familiar with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In a nutshell, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a collection of 196 short verses that serve as a guide to attain wisdom and self-realization through […]

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Yoga vs. Yoga Therapy

Yoga vs. Yoga Therapy It’s no secret that the practice of yoga is therapeutic in a myriad of ways. By flowing through asanas, practicing meditation, and utilizing breathing exercises, yoga practitioners are able to reduce their stress and anxiety, increase flexibility and blood circulation, and ease both mental and physical pain. Yoga therapy goes beyond […]