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Awaken Your Body for Spring

Feel Rejuvenated with Your Practice The sun stretches out, clearing away winter shadows, blooms of kaleidoscopic color emerge from the earth and the world feels rejuvenated. We have all been patiently waiting for spring, and it is finally in the air! This new season is the perfect opportunity to awaken your body, shift into newness […]


Incorporating Inclusivity from Yoga into Your Life

Asheville Yoga Center Supports Building Bridges One of the most inspiring aspects of a yoga practice is that it encompasses all human beings regardless of background, race, gender or opinion. Your practice is a safe place to let go of all the things that do not serve you in order to give thanks for yourself […]


Get Back in Balance

Realign Your Sacral Chakra & Enhance Your Creativity Imagine that you’re standing in front of a blank canvas with a paintbrush. You have a color pallet in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. Let your imagination flow freely through every bristle. Each stroke of the brush and every color that you choose, work […]

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Open Your Heart

Tips and Poses to Feel Your Best A yoga practice provides countless benefits to your overall health. By dedicating a few hours a week to your practice, you will feel calmer and more balanced both physically and mentally. A synopsis of yoga and cardiovascular disease, published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, proposes that […]


Showing Love to Those in Need

Asheville Yoga Center Supports Veterans Services of the Carolinas in February In the dark of winter, we are embraced with a month centered around the warmth of love. With Valentine’s Day as one of the focal points of February, we are reminded to show love to those who mean the most to us. In yoga […]

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Know Your Boundaries

Consent in the Classroom In a recent article written for the New York Times, journalist Katherine Rosman found herself face-to-face with the issue of consent and hands-on assists during Asheville Yoga Festival this past summer. During a four-hour workshop titled “Inversions and Adjustments” with Jonny Kest, she found herself in a unique situation. A woman […]


Don’t Let Your Personal Practice Slip Away

Tips to Maintain Your Practice as a Yoga Teacher Despite the therapeutic nature of yoga, being an instructor is not without its challenges. With hours spent teaching multiple yoga classes at different yoga studios, events, and taking time to prepare for workshops, it can be really difficult to make time for a personal practice. It […]

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What Do You Need from Your Practice?

Find the Style of Yoga for Your Body If you’re ready to make a fitness change this year, you don’t have to dread spending hours in the gym or agonize over going to a strenuous workout class. Fitness should be something that you look forward to and something that serves your body. You should love […]