COVID-19 Precaution Updates: Masks Required During Substantial Viral Spread

Dearest Beloved Yogis,


The health and safety of our community is of primary importance at AYC. As we have previously communicated, we will continue to remain open under the guidance and recommendations of the CDC and our state officials. In accordance with current CDC recommendations, AYC will require all guests, instructors, and staff to wear a face covering whether fully vaccinated or not ONLY during times that the community is experiencing what is considered substantial to high viral spread. This means that if we drop below the levels of substantial or high viral spread, masks will only be required for those whom remain unvaccinated as we have been operating.

We are relying on each of you as patrons of the studio to practice satya, honesty, when entering the studio. If you are not fully vaccinated, you are always required to wear a mask until further notice. Fellow studio members, the staff, and the instructors are trusting in you when you do not wear a mask that you are vaccinated and are not causing them potential harm unknowingly by entering the studio without a mask. Please always wear a mask when not fully vaccinated and indoors at AYC.

At this time, Asheville is located in a region with substantial viral spread, therefore masking is now required at AYC when indoors. We will continue to monitor the progress of the spread of COVID-19 and update our website accordingly. Please check the website, MBO, call, or stop by for the latest updates.

Due to the impact wearing a mask may have for your yoga practice, we are providing teachers the following options which you need to understand as this requirement may change day-to-day based on the levels of community spread. We want everyone to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. During times that masks are required for all participants, teachers may:

  1. Hold class as usual with no changes to the style.
  2. Choose to modify their class to better adapt to wearing a mask for the practice. For example, a hot class may not be heated, or a power flow class may be toned down a bit.
  3. Want to hold class outdoors, without masks, under our event tent out back.
  4. Elect to stream virtually only.
  5. Cancel class.

If an in-person class is cancelled completely or will only be streaming virtually (options 4 & 5 above), you will see this reflected on the schedule on our website and on the MBO/AYC apps. Please always check the website and class schedule for any changes prior to arrival.

Thank you kindly for you patience and for navigating this new change with us! We hope to continue to see you in class as we are glad to be able to continue to serve the community during this time.


Your AYC Family