300-Hour TT FAQs

What is our Advanced Studies 300-Hour program all about?

Our 300-Hour Training Program is well-rounded to help you dive deeper into anatomy, and other various yoga specialties like prenatal, yin, and seniors. In this very flexible program, you get to decide which particular module you take, at what time and taught by whom. And you have 5 years to complete the required 300 hours of training.

How easy is it to find work after certification?

If your dream is to teach, we believe there are opportunities out there for you!  Many students find teaching prospects even before they complete our teacher training program. Others search awhile before finding a good fit. Our caring staff will help brainstorm creative ideas with you during the program itself, discuss resumes, facilitate auditions, and private sessions. Asheville Yoga Center graduates teach everywhere, from yoga centers, hospitals, schools, and churches to private businesses and homes. We do not provide job placement.

What is the average age of enrollees?

We have graduated over one thousand 18–75 year-olds in our 300-Hour Training Program! The minimum age requirement is 18, and there is no maximum limit, as yoga is not influenced by age, gender, or religion.

Regardless of your age and even past yoga experience, we start off covering the basics of alignment and anatomy so we can build off of a solid foundation with sequencing and adjustments. Our graduates have come from all over the world, and it is not unusual to have a foreigner in class with English as their second language. The average “median” is female, age 43, with a few years of teaching yoga under her belt.

Can I take this course if I’m not sure I want to be an instructor?

Yes, of course.

Many of our students enroll in our teacher training programs unsure of whether or not they will teach. There are countless ways to “teach” yoga. Numerous graduates go on to teach yoga classes; others go on to teach one-on-one yoga sessions with individual students; others just use their well-spring of wisdom to enhance their lives. All of our graduates go on to transform the world by shining in new ways. These courses all have a large amount of peer teaching requirements, which will not only help to build more confidence in teaching and sharing your knowledge, but will deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga.

I am pregnant. Can I still apply?

You are more than welcome to apply and enroll, but we do not recommend it. Whether or not you are new to yoga, this may not be the best time to dive into something as intense as motherhood and a yoga teacher training program all at once. We pack a lot of movement and activity into these courses, and while yoga training requires many demands of your body, so does pregnancy. To do both could be very stressful, and optimally, the baby grows without mama’s stress. We recommend revisiting the possibility once your baby is born and you are feeling the support to be away from family. Remember, growing a life inside of you is such a miraculous and precious experience, and our yoga teacher training program does completely different miraculous and precious things to your body as well. If you do enroll, please consider the timing of your delivery, as you will be held to the same attendance standards as students who are not pregnant.

I am injured. Can I still apply?

Yes, in fact, most of us have an injury (minor or major, emotional or physical) when we embark on the yoga journey. A vital part of teaching yoga is learning how to make modifications and/or adaptations for individuals with injuries. Throughout all of the practice sessions during your courses, modifications are offered and anatomy is discussed. We all become students and teachers capable of learning from each other. Please share your details on your application, and share them again with your instructor on the first day of training.

I am Jewish and observe the Sabbath. What are the expectations of students’ responsibilities on Saturdays?

We suggest that you let your instructor(s) know about your observances so that you will not be asked to do anything in direct conflict with your beliefs.

Please email with questions: info@youryoga.com

300-Hour Advanced Studies FAQ

What lineage does your program teach?

Just like our 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification Programs, we offer our students a taste of as many lineages as possible for the most well-rounded approach. We consider our programs to be non-biased, eclectic, and inspiring, offering the “greatest hits” from the best lineages. Our staff is certified in a variety of yoga schools, including Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, Jivamukti, and Viniyoga, among others. By presenting different lineages of yoga, our hope is that students realize that many paths lead to the same goal, and they can then decide what resonates most with them. Our educational goal is to help release the student of their conditioned educational expectations. We are not here to indoctrinate our students. This is a noncompetitive, open-hearted educational environment with an emphasis on personal growth, taught by exceptional leaders in the yoga field.

What is the attendance policy for virtual trainings?

  • 100% attendance is mandatory, there will be no exceptions. This means your video must be on so that we can verify you are participating.
  • Check-in is at the start of each session – If you are tardy you will be considered absent, unless you contact programs@youryoga.com to notify us of your tardiness and a valid reason. We will then count you as tardy instead of absent. Ongoing tardiness will not be allowed.
  • You must change your name on Zoom so that it matches your name in MBO. An AYC staff member will be logging in and taking attendance using the list of participants. If your name is not on the list it will be difficult for us to take attendance.
  • If we do not see your name on Zoom, we will give you a phone call to remind you that your session is beginning. If you do not answer and/or if you are not able to login to the session within a reasonable amount of time, you will not be given credit for your course.
  • Failure to attend will result in loss of Yoga Alliance credit eligibility. If this happens, we will notify you via email. No refunds will be given due to your absence. Please double and triple check you will be available for all of the sessions of the course you are signed up for.

What happens if I have to miss part of a virtual course?

100% attendance is mandatory, there will be no exceptions due to current YA requirements. Check-in is at the start of each session. If you are tardy you will be considered absent, unless you contact programs@youryoga.com to notify us of your tardiness and a valid reason. We will then count you as tardy instead of absent. Ongoing tardiness will not be allowed. Failure to attend will result in loss of Yoga Alliance credit eligibility. If this happens, we will notify you via email. No refunds will be given due to your absence. Please double and triple check you will be available for all of the sessions of the course you are signed up for.

Is there any homework?

Each course has Required Reading, which is listed in each individual course description. Each course is credited with a specified number on non-contact hours to account for this time.

The last step to complete your course is to complete the quiz that will be located on TalentLMS. You will have a week following the training to complete this. After one week, the course will be closed out and you will not have access to the training materials. Please make sure you complete the quiz and download any materials that you would like to save for the future. You can repeat the quiz as many times as it takes you to earn a passing score of 70%.

How much does the required reading cost?

They are priced individually on our online store All titles are also available for sale individually onsite at our Boutique.

Do I have to bring all the required books to each module?

You will be informed upon registering for each individual course as to whether or not it is recommended that you bring your book(s) with you.


1. To be eligible for the 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification, you will need to have already obtained a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification. Your 200-Hour education can be from any approved school, not just the Asheville Yoga Center (more info on Yoga Alliance).

2. Have an established daily yoga practice (recommended: 30–90 minutes, 5-6 days a week).  You will not be required to provide documentation, just work through the honor system.  More explanation in your Welcome and Information Packet upon registration.

3.  Application

4.  Payment (see below “MONEY AND FINANCES”).

5.  A willingness to grow.  A ready heart to receive and an open mind to blossom!

We try to make it as simple as possible. After reading as much as you can from this website, if you still have questions please contact our 300 Hour Program Department. Then, when you’re confident that you are ready to begin accumulating your course credits, please fill out the application online and pay the $150 application fee. This fee does not count towards any individual courses; rather, it covers all administrative costs. You will receive an immediate email of payment confirmation. After we have reviewed your application and received your deposit, then a Welcome and Information Packet will be provided via email within 10 business days.

What are the requirements for graduation?

You are strongly encouraged to complete the program within 2 years.

– Pay the $150 Enrollment Fee.

– Must reach 300 total hours

  • 270 need to be contact hours
    • 135 of those hours need to be with a lead trainer
    • 135 remaining can be with any trainer
  • 30 need to be non-contact hours

– Must submit your completed “Track Your Progress” document.

– Pay the $50 Completion fee

What happens when I have completed all my requirements?

Asheville Yoga Center makes every effort to prepare for finalizing the program by sending out emails to those people who are close to finishing. We apologize for not having a more efficient tracking system at this time; therefore, it is always in your best interest to also track your courses yourself. We provide you these grids upon registration and can send you more if needed. Please let us know when you have completed all 300 hours with 135 being by a lead instructor. We will then verify this through our system, confirm that all of your requirements have been met, and email you the link for the $50 Completion Fee. Upon receiving payment, you will receive your Graduation Packet, which includes Yoga Alliance instructions and the Asheville Yoga Center 300Hour Certificate. Please allow 10 business days for graduation processing. If you don’t hear from us, or even if you do, please contact our 300 Hour Program Advisor with any questions.

How many people participate in the courses?

Our courses average 30–80 people per event. Often the average is 35, which can seem like a cozy room, full of people and yoga props, but our instructors give ample Q&A time — as well as small peer group teaching time — so you leave each course with the confidence to apply what you have learned. Most of our programs fill up ahead of time, so don’t wait too long to enroll!

Which courses do I still need to complete?

You will be sent a tracking grid upon registration to keep a record of your credits.

You should also be receiving an annual email reminder from our Programs Coordinator indicating that you are 1, 2, 3, or 4 years into the program, to help you in remembering when your program expires (5 years from application date).

To track your credits yourself, your account should be current in our system MindBody Online (MBO). You used this system to initially enroll for this program, and you should be able to log into your account at any time. Choose “Purchase History” and click on “Show All Dates.” Please contact our 300 Hour Program Coordinator, with any questions.

300-Hour Advance Studies Money & Finances

How much does it cost?

To join our Advanced Studies Teacher Training Program, you need to register online with a $150 application fee accompanying your application. Then, you pay for each course your register for separately online, as you pick and choose your way through the program. There is a final $50 completion fee to cover administrative costs when you are finished with the program requirements.

This format averages in total around $5670 – $6750 without any Early Bird discounts (and around $4860 – $5940 with Early Bird discounts). A weekend course averages $350, and it includes a Friday evening session, two sessions on Saturday, and one or two on Sunday. The longer the program, the more the pricing increases. Each course has its pricing and hours listed online individually. We have no full program tuition.

All pricing is subject to change.

Tuition does not include books, housing, or meals.

When is the $150 application fee due?

The full $150 application fee is due upon immediate completion of the online application. This will begin the time clock; after that, you will have 5 years to complete your training, although we recommend sooner.

Are there payment plans?

No. You will need to pay the $150 registration in full with your application. Then each course must be paid in full with each online individual registration. There is also a $50 completion fee (see tab: Curriculum, Homework, and Yoga Alliance).

Are there scholarships or work study?

Registering early to take advantage of our early bird discounts is the best way to save money on your 300-hour training.  Unfortunately, we do not offer work study for teacher trainings.

How much are cancellation fees?

Refund Policy: Your initial registration fee of $150 is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Please see our full cancellation and transfer policy for more details on fees. For individual module refunds, please fill out a cancellation or transfer request form

The Asheville Yoga Center reserves the right to cancel any program at any time. If this occurs, an option for an MBO account credit or full refund will be offered.

Can I use any transfer credits from programs outside of Asheville Yoga Center?

No. According to Yoga Alliance guidelines, no outside transfer credits are allowed in any 300-Hour program. All courses must be completed through Asheville Yoga Center.

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