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If you’ve never tried yoga before, taking your first class can be intimidating. To help ease the stress and improve future class experiences, we’ve created a free Intro to Yoga class designed to teach yoga poses for beginners!

Our friendly and experienced staff will provide you with an introduction to yoga, teach you the benefits yoga has to offer, and explain to you what to expect when you walk into the Studio. If you’ve been curious about how yoga can enhance your life, this free class is a great first step.

This hour-long class will teach you what you can expect as you begin your yoga journey. Our trained staff will show you yoga poses for beginners, how a typical yoga class is structured, what modifications you can make to suit your body, which classes at Asheville Yoga Center would be best to meet your needs, and most importantly, make you feel comfortable beginning your life-changing yoga practice! Our goal is to introduce you to the amazing benefits of yoga and to give you confidence before you enroll in your first “real” yoga class.

You Will Learn:

  • A basic understanding of what yoga is
  • What to expect in your first yoga class
  • What classes beginners should take
  • Basic yoga poses
  • Modifications for poses if you have injuries or aren’t flexible

Katie Shields elaborates on what to expect from our Intro to Yoga class.

Upcoming Intro to Yoga Classes

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Preparing for Your First Visit

For your first visit to AYC, all you need to do is show up wearing comfortable clothing with your water bottle!  We offer yoga mats and any additional props you may need during your yoga class.

We do ask that first-time students arrive at the studio 15-20 minutes before class starts to check in and ask any questions. We want to share our one-of-a-kind yoga with everyone, so come to work hard and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Children & Teens

All minors (anyone under the age of 18) who come to take class must have liability waiver signed by their Parent/Guardian before they can participate. Children ages 12-17 may attend any classes on our schedule, though HOT classes may not be appropriate. Children ages 11 and under may not be left unaccompanied in lobby or yoga room.

Valuables & Personal Items

Although we have cubby space in the lobby for your personal items, we do not have lockers. The lobby is attended by a staff person during class, however we are not responsible for any personal belongings. We advise that you leave these items at home or locked in the trunk of your car. We can store your credit card information in our system so that you do not need to carry it with you.

We ask that you silence or turn off your cell phones before going to class. Note that some alarms will sound even if your phone is on silent.


Students are welcome to use our showers. We supply shampoo and body wash. You may purchase or bring your own towel.

Hot Yoga Classes

Not recommended for beginners, the elderly, or pregnant women as these classes are led at a challenging, fast pace in a very hot environment. When attending a HOT class, be prepared to sweat! We request that you bring your own mat, towel, and bolster/blanket (if desired).

Mats & Props

Our studio has mats and props that you are welcome to use, free of charge. Most of our students bring their personal mats.

Heart Conditions / Injuries

Please inform your instructor before class begins if you have a heart condition or any other serious ailment.

Understanding Class Terms

Gentle indicates the yoga class is not vigorous, but slow and soothing, perfect for those wanting a more relaxed and softer practice. Also excellent for beginners, the elderly, and pregnant women.

Warm yoga classes allow the body’s tissues to soften more deeply, as the room is kept between 80-89 degrees.

Power indicates a vigorous practice that will challenge and energize you with its focus on building strength and concentration as you flow through powerful, flowing sequences. This type of yoga class is meant to challenge you and your existing practice, make you sweat, have some fun, and try and inversion (or three!). Not recommended for beginners who do not have a basic knowledge of yoga postures.

Hot yoga classes involve a dynamic and challenging practice in a room heated to 90 degrees or above. You will sweat, so please bring your own mat, water bottle, and towel. First-time students are discouraged from attending HOT classes, as they tend to be fast-paced, and are meant for those already familiar with basic postures.

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