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If you’ve never tried yoga before, taking your first class can be intimidating. To help ease the stress and improve future class experiences, we’ve created a free Intro to Yoga class designed specifically for beginners!

Our friendly and experienced staff will provide you with an introduction to yoga, teach you the benefits yoga has to offer, and explain to you what to expect when you walk into the studio. If you’ve been curious about how yoga can enhance your life, this free class is a great first step.

This hour-long class takes place the first and third Monday of every month, and will teach you what you can expect as you begin your yoga journey. Our trained staff will show you basic yoga poses, how a typical yoga class is structured, what modifications you can make to suit your body, which classes at Asheville Yoga Center would be best to meet your needs, and most importantly, make you feel comfortable beginning your life-changing yoga practice! Our goal is to introduce you to the amazing benefits of yoga, and to give you confidence before you enroll in your first “real” yoga class.

You Will Learn:

  • A basic understanding of what yoga is
  • What to expect in your first yoga class
  • What classes beginners should take
  • Basic yoga poses
  • Modifications for poses if you have injuries or aren’t flexible

Hear what our long-time member, Jay, has to say about his first yoga class.

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