200-Hour Resources

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Have questions or concerns about what to expect from our 200-Hour program? We’ve gathered different resources to help negate any fears you may be facing about registering.

Yoga Teacher Training:

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey?

Download AYC’s Guide to 200-Hour Teacher Training

So you’re considering enrolling in a yoga teacher training program. Congratulations, and welcome to the first step of what’s going to be an incredible journey!

We have developed a handy guide to help you answer the most frequently asked questions we hear related to teacher training. Our Guide to Teacher Training Programs will help answer your questions and concerns!

Yoga Teacher Training:

What Scares You About Enrolling?

Download AYC’s Guide to Overcoming Your Fears

Enrolling in a teacher training program is exciting but, it’s not uncommon to have fears about the experience. Most people who begin their journey towards their 200 RYT certification have a list of fears and assumptions about what teacher training will be like.

AYC Instructor Rosie Mulford gives you a testimony of her experience tackling common fears of a 200TT program.